Our Friends may change or die

Book review Oct 24, 2014
Books are the most faithful of friends. Our friends may change or die but our books are patiently waiting to talk to us. But to read nothing but books of fiction is like eating nothing but cake and sweets. As we need plain and wholesome food for our body, we must have serious reading for the mind. This book ‘The Sacrament of The Goddess’ is simply right one that we ought to read. This provides us not only solid pleasure but education as well.
The book ‘The Sacrament of The Goddess’ revolves around the story of a young resident going abroad to practice medicine in a third world country. The medical scenes described in the book are accurate and detailed. The main characters of the story Matt, Ranjit, Sushila has their important role throughout the story. In addition to it, Bimala, Manju and Ram played small yet a significant role.
I have really enjoyed the book because it was entertaining despite main characters unfortunate circumstances. The story is full of lessons about ethical issues in the art of survival. The story has more than enough actions to keep my attention page after page.
The story primarily focuses on the importance of education in bringing awareness. But it also has shown that everyone is not literate enough to understand the cause, consequences and prevention of any problem. One might not be able to cope out superstition however this can certainly help prevent from those kind of suffering.
It also have shown-love can make every one perfectly happy be enjoying everything you are but everything it have every day. Marriage is a part of our life which cannot be taken as sole aim and should not be taken as compulsion to live with. Instead our education should determine whether it’s time to give time to marriage or not. Even when marriage fails and when things around you is not at all favourable, death should not be taken as last frontier and one should strive to be heroes.
After reading the whole book, it reminded me of song by John Lennon ’Imagine’, I felt myself as dreamer. I dreamt of a world where element of respect, tolerance and sensitivity is no longer missing and there be a sincere thought of respect and tolerance around us.
The book has been successful in creating emotion in us. I could not control my tears any more, when the characters faced difficult situation.

Throughout the book, I had been eagerly waiting for the moments when the lead characters be reunited and when they live happily thereafter.
Looks all kills and we cannot judge book by cover. But this book ‘The Sacrament of The Goddess’ has been packaged well and that is certainly a bonus.
To put everything in a nutshell, if you like a book with page turner and like real stories of rural areas, then I highly recommend you to read this book. You will definitely find it hard to put down the book once you have started and probably would like to discuss the symbolic twist that presents at the climax. I hope you enjoy the reading this book as much as I did. I definitely would like to rate it 9 out of 10.

About Joe Niemczura, RN, MS

These blogs, and my books, and videos are written on the principle that any person embarking on something similar to what I do will gain more preparation than I first had, by reading them. I have fifteen years of USA nursing faculty background. Add to it fifteen more devoted to adult critical care. In Nepal, I started teaching critical care skills in 2011. I figure out what they need to know in a Nepali practice setting. Then I teach it in a culturally appropriate way so that the boots-on-the-ground people will use it. One theme of my work has been collective culture and how it manifests itself in anger. Because this was a problem I incorporated elements of "situational awareness" training from the beginning, in 2011.
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