Nov 2014 for Nepali Nurses who want to work in USA

Going to USA?

Update: Before we get further, why not read some reviews of The Sacrament of the Goddess? It’s my second book, it’s about Nepal health care during the period of the Civil War.

द साक्रामेन्ट अफ गोड्डेस्,,अथवा नेपाली मा भन्नु पर्दा देबी को प्रसाद,,एउटा यस्तो नोवेल जसमा माया,जिबन्,त्याग्,आत्मियता जस्ता आध्यात्मिक कुरहरु को मिठो बयान गरिएको छ, यसका लेखक जो निम्जुरा एउटा अमेरिकि नागरिक र पेसामा उनि नेपाल र अमेरिका दुबैमा राजइस्टर्ड नर्स हुन्,,बिगत ७ बर्ष देखी उनि नेपालमा स्वास्थ्य को क्षेत्रमा उल्लेख्हनिय काम गर्दै आइरहेका छन्,.

Click here to read more! You can get it at Vajra Books on Jyatha in Thamel, or the Tibet Bookstore.

Nov 2014

I just spent three weeks in USA visiting family members and meeting with people. On my last day there, I went to Jackson Heights, Queens. This is the neighborhood of New York where the Nepalis live.

You can get panipuri in Jackson Heights.

Also, it’s where many members of NAN‎A live. NANA is the Nepali Association of Nurses in America. Check out their website. They have some links there about CGFNS, etc

I met with the President of NANA, and some members. We had time to chat.

A correction!

In a number of previous blogs I have said “You can’t get a USA RN license with just a PCL and SLC. You need SLC plus two.”

When somebody says “No, that’s not true” I always say: “Show me an actual person for whom that is the case”

Well, I finally met somebody for whom that is the history. She’s working in New York, but got her PCL in 2002. Since coming to USA she got her BSN, as well as a M Sc and she is working as a Nurse Practitioner. I don’t want to give her name just yet, because she will probably get three hundred emails and FaceBook friend requests. She has a job and two preschoolers, and a husband who also works in health care.

So – there is at least one such person. She is out there…….. I apologize for being a skeptic and deflating everyone’s dream….

Nepali nurse chances of getting to USA?

She and I discussed how everybody wants to go to USA (or so it seems). She said:

“For awhile there, a nurse could get a visa to work as a nurse, but this has ended and nobody is getting any such visa these days”

Also she said:

“There are only three ways that the Nepali nurses are able to get here. The first is to win the DV lottery. The second is to have arranged marriage to a guy with a green card. The third is to come as a M Sc student.”

I thought this was worth passing on.

I will point out there is a fourth way, which is to go there as a B Sc student. If you do that, you can work for one year afterwards. Then you must return to Nepal. I think I will do a future blog on the subject of the difficulties faced by nurses who do this route.

I’m still travelling. I’ll try to blog some more. I’m interested in everyone’s reaction…….


About Joe Niemczura, RN, MS

These blogs, and my books, and videos are written on the principle that any person embarking on something similar to what I do will gain more preparation than I first had, by reading them. I have fifteen years of USA nursing faculty background. Add to it fifteen more devoted to adult critical care. In Nepal, I started teaching critical care skills in 2011. I figure out what they need to know in a Nepali practice setting. Then I teach it in a culturally appropriate way so that the boots-on-the-ground people will use it. One theme of my work has been collective culture and how it manifests itself in anger. Because this was a problem I incorporated elements of "situational awareness" training from the beginning, in 2011.
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7 Responses to Nov 2014 for Nepali Nurses who want to work in USA

  1. urmila khadka thapa says:

    thank u for above blog,i m new for us nursing system and i m pcl holder living in new can i proceed for nclex rn i really need toefl scores and give cgfns exam too?plzzzzz help me

    • my advice is to join NANA, Nepal nurses of north America, and talk with others from there. you can find them on FaceBook. I have met the officers and they are friendly and helpful. every one of them has needed to figure this out. as to toefl etc, that depends on which state. I do not know New Jersey.

  2. a reader sent me the following email:
    Hi Joe.
    First of all thank you for providing such a useful information. In the blog you have said that +2 is required to work in the states along with PCL Nursing, and i know that is true. I just had one question to ask.
    Do you know that a 3 month course is offered in Nepal for the students who have completed 3 years of PCL, from CTEVT certified college, in any field, like pharmacy, radiography, health assistant?? including nursing. it is a three months course, named Pre-Requisite Course (PRC), in which the students are briefly taught the same subjects (English, Nepali, Biology, Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics) as +2. And on completion of the course, HSEB board gives you the +2 (science) equivalent certificate. this course is held only once a year, in selected places only. In Kathmandu, it is offered at Viswa Niketan College in Tripureshwor.
    I have completed the course too. My question is, will I be able to work or even forward my application to the states, since I have PCL and +2 certificate with me. I finished my PCL Nursing in the year 2008 and PRC in 2013.
    I am not actually planning to go to America, since I am already in Australia. It is just a random question for other nurses to give them correct information.
    It would be kind of you if you could help me clear out this confusion.
    Thank you

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  5. sapana baral says:

    hi joe,
    i completed my bachelor in science in nursing from rajeev gandhi university of health science banglore in the year 2016.i want to do masters in nursing in the best university at united i have few questions related to that.i hope you will help me out.
    * what are the challenges i have to face during admission?
    * how many years of experience is mandatory?
    * what are the basic process to apply on an university?
    * should i get a american registration to study msc?or a nepalese licence will work?
    * what are the possibilities of getting scholrships?what are the documents and requirement needed toapply for scholorship.

  6. Dear Sapana Ma’am:

    Please keep browsing around this blog to find those answers.
    The Nepali RN license is not recognized in USA. You need a USA license.
    best wishes!

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