5 Responses to Florence Nightingale’s birthday in #Nepal after the quake, May 4th 2015

  1. Ruban T says:

    Hi Joe,

    I came across your blog thru your comment from the Record. My wife’s family in Nepal is running relief efforts as a mother’s group. They have documented their recent trip to Suryakot, Sindupalchok in their blog : https://quakereliefupdates.wordpress.com/ They have been doing more fund raising amongst family and friends, both in Nepal and abroad. Right now they are waiting to hear back from people travelling in the affected districts, so they can figure which areas need the most assistance at that given time. Im writing to you in hopes that you might be able to direct medical resources to them on their next relief effort. It could be medical supplies, or even facilitate networking with available medical staff.

    Thanks for the good work in Nepal.


    • Thanks. I’m teaching in Bhairawaha these past weeks, and I was originally not going to be returning to Kathmandu until May 27th, after which I leave for USA May 30th. So, I’m not sure what kind of assistance I can lend.

      best wishes!

  2. Majlinda Hunda says:

    Very interesting your article posted in honor of International Nursing Day! I enjoyed it very much, and appreciate as a different experience. I think, with your permit, I must prepare it in PP (in Albanian of course) and present it in the Conference Of Albanian Nursing Order, “Celebrating International Nursing Day”, on 12 of May in Trane. Congrats and have a Happy Nursing Day!
    Best regards!

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