Nepal nurse takes NCLEX and the result is……. ????

Seems like every Nepali nurses is curious about NCLEX

A Nepali nurse-friend now in California told me she passed NCLEX, and I invited her to write a guest blog. It’s lightly edited  – I broke it up into more paragraphs and added the subtitles. Look to the menu on the right and you’ll see the previous entries on this subject. Feel free to share and comment!


Hi everyone! This is Usha and guess what happened recently.. I passed the N-Clex RN. I’m so happy and I’m grateful for having studied and learning so much even though I don’t like the idea of taking test at the end. Let me introduce myself. So, I come from a beautiful city in Nepal named Pokhara and I came to  United States in Aug 2014, applied for the California Board of Nursing in Jan 2015, got my ATT on Feb 2016 and here I am, finally an RN.

So now lets talk about the test. Taking the N- Clex test is stressful but you know what it’s rewarding at the end! I took off from work and joined Kaplan like 2 months before the test and started practicing questions from UWorld 3 weeks prior test. I found UWorld really helpful because it has varieties of N- Clex type questions that you can practice everyday. It also has a lot of information and diagrams inside each answers at the time of review just to make you understand in a simple way. I made notes out of it. Almost half of the questions that I had on the test were SATA, a lot of priority, one put the order, no click the spot, no drug calculation, no pictures, some meds and ECG questions. The questions are different for everyone though.

But all of these doesn’t matter. What matters is how well you can apply the things that you studied and also from your general knowledge when you answer the questions. I would also recommend nurses to know themselves first before starting to study for the test, because once you know your strengths and weaknesses, you can work accordingly and make a plan and achieve success. (Tip that worked for me during the test: Take deep breaths in between pat on your back, massage yourself on your neck, hands and legs and try to relax. Do whatever that works for you.)

Quick shut off?

It is surprising when the questions shut off at 75. You don’t know if you passed or failed. I thought I failed. But at the same time I thought if I did that bad. That evening, I applied the trick from youtube and I got a pop op saying that I’m already registered for taking the test (denotes positive result) which gave me some hope.

After 3 days I saw my name on the California board of Nursing website where it was written Usha Devkota, RN with license no. and I was shocked and had eyes full of tears. I said to myself that I did it! So yeah, life is complicated but it’s up to us to balance it out. Sometimes things can go positive and sometimes it can go wrong. But never lose hope, stay strong, believe in yourself and go on and I bet every single nurse can pass the test with handwork.

I want to thank every single person who believed in me throughout this phase. Thank you so much!

Usha Devkota


About Joe Niemczura, RN, MS

These blogs, and my books, and videos are written on the principle that any person embarking on something similar to what I do will gain more preparation than I first had, by reading them. I have fifteen years of USA nursing faculty background. Add to it fifteen more devoted to adult critical care. In Nepal, I started teaching critical care skills in 2011. I figure out what they need to know in a Nepali practice setting. Then I teach it in a culturally appropriate way so that the boots-on-the-ground people will use it. One theme of my work has been collective culture and how it manifests itself in anger. Because this was a problem I incorporated elements of "situational awareness" training from the beginning, in 2011.
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2 Responses to Nepal nurse takes NCLEX and the result is……. ????

  1. Roja Rai says:

    so ma’am, i want to know that..after completing diploma in nursing or PCL in nursing, can we apply to be a RN in USA or we have to do Bachelors ?

    • (this is Joe, replying).The author of the piece was a guest writer, so I am not sure she will see this question. My own advice? You are better off with B Sc. I think there is less hassle if you have BSc. Please read all the other blog entries on this site, and check out the Nepali-language videos we linked to.

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