ZapTrek budget 2017

The ZapTrek 2017 project is described on a different page.

At the bottom of this page is a list of persons in Nepal with whom CCNEPal has collaborated. As you will see, they are from a wide cross-section of Nepali medical centers, medical colleges, Universities and colleges of nursing. Any person who needs to verify previous activities and track record is invited to contact people on the list.

Bottom line?

$20,000 USD, but we can find a use for additional funds if we gather more.

Here is the proposed budget:

V Project Timeline/Budget Timeline

    1. We would purchase the AT-35 units before leaving Nepal.
    2. We would order the Laerdal airway trainer from the Laerdal dealer in Kathmandu prior to departure and then pick it up on arrival.
    3. The Zoll series M defibrillator would also be purchased in USA.
    4. The airline ticket would be submitted for reimbursement.
  • The three regional conferences would be organized upon arrival in Nepal.


VI – Budget

This depends of how much funds can be cobbled together from different sources. CCNEPal would accept partial funding but would then need to prioritize activities.


item Rationale Amount in USD
Pinnacle Tech “AT-35” rhythm generators (14) or “Tutor I” to see this item go to

Each one costs about $450


This is the bare minimum piece of simulation equipment for teaching ecg. Five to be kept with faculty in one location for use in travel courses; nine to be given one each to Medical Colleges: Nepal Medical College, Lumbini Medical College, CMS, CMC, JMC, National Medical College, BPKIHS, UCMS, Nepalganj


Round trip ticket from USA to Nepal For Joe Niemczura


Travel and lodging in-country


Handouts and course supplies


Laerdal airway trainer(1), (adult) go to


There is no separate Respiratory Therapy profession in Nepal. Airways skills are needed. $2170
Venue, and organization of three regional conferences on teaching of ACLS-type skills in Nepal


Includes support for travel and lodging of attendees. $6000
(1)    Zoll series M defibrillator, including AED and transcutaneous pacemaker modes. For use in classes $10,000




Please note that CCNEPal will happily agree to supervision from a fiscal intermediary chosen by ANMF. At the time of writing for this grant, the principal faculty is negotiating with one of the medical colleges to become a fulltime teacher in Continuing Education division. When this is finalized, this project will coordinated with the CME activities of that college.

References for CCNEPal training:

The list of contact persons from previous sessions of the CCNEpal course is long, and constitute the beginning of a true nationwide network in Nepal to support education in resuscitation. I have alerted each of these persons to expect a query as to their assessment of this proposal and the likelihood of success. In addition, CCNEPal has FaceBook page with 7,200 “likes.”

Here is a partial list of contact persons:

name agency Contact info
Mrs. Sita Parajuli, Matron College of Medical Sciences, Bharatpur.
Raman Mishra MD Janaki Medical College and Janaki Health Care and Research Center (JHCRC)
Shankar Laudari, MD Cardiologist at College of Medical Sciences, Bharatpur
Bandana Paudel, MD Nobel Medical College, Biratnagar
Harish Neupane, MD Chitwan Medical College
Divakar Pandey Universal College of Medical Sciences, Bhairawaha
Gautam Bjaracharya, MD Nepal Medical College, Jorpati
Mrs. Ramala Shrestha, administrative director of nursing Bir Hospital National Trauma Center
Shankar Rai, MD Nepal Burn Center, Kirtipur
Bimla Karlosakaar, Matron Man Mohan CardioVascular, Thoracic and Transplant Center
Mrs. Nita Dangol, former matron Shahid Gangalal National Heart Center
Mrs. Mahima Khoju, RN Norvic Hospital
Siddharta Koirala, MD Purbanchal University, Biratnagar
Mrs. Shama Shrestha, Matron Lumbini Medical College
Umid Shrestha, MD Manipal Medical College and Paschimanchal Community Hospital, Pokhara
Mrs. Sushila Neupane, Matron Charak Hospital, Pokhara
Sunil Jha, MD Cardiac Society of Nepal
Mrs. Radha Bangdel, former Campus Chief


Lalitpur Nursing Campus or

Ms. Janiki Dhami, nursing faculty Bir Hospital School of Nursing, IOM
Rajendra Khoju, MD Dulikhel Hospital, KUSMS
Mrs. Sumana Baidya, physiotherapy faculty


KUSHS, Dulikhel
Dr. Manoj Dhungana Crimson Hospital, Butwal
Dr Rano Piryani Chitwan Medical College
Dr Samir Gautam Gautam Buddha Community Heart Hospital, BTWL
Moti Chapagain, MD Formerly of CMC now in Texas, USA
Srijana Kansakar, RN The Center for Medical Simulation, Kathmandu
Ankit Rai, MD Shaheed Memorial Hospital, Kalanki
Mrs. Dipty Subba, RN BPKIHS
Raj Mehta, RN CMC, Bharatpur
Siddeshwar Angadi, RN CMC, Bharatpur


This is a partial list. These are well-regarded leaders in their respective communities who will share with ANMF their opinion as to the need for this project as well as the quality outcomes produced by the CCNEPal training.

In summary, the CCNEPal project has evolved over time to constitute an important and valuable effort that will improve the education and practice of resuscitation skills throughout Nepal. It is truly a broad-based collaborative effort with a firm base of support in Nepal. ANMF support will be able to take it to a further level.


Joe Niemczura, RN, MS