Nurses – volunteer in Nepal -how to use your skills!

There ought to be a way to use your skills.

I hear about nurses who came here to learn about health care in a Low Income Country, and who mainly used their time to hand out toothbrushes in villages while on a trek. On the one hand, it’s okay, because they are still learning the way that people live and hopefully having a positive experience that whets their curiosity. On the other hand, the acute care system of Nepal is undergoing tremendous change right now and expertise is needed.  Somehow, there ought to be an easier way for highly-skilled acute care nurses to volunteer their skills here in a meaningful way.

Updated Oct 6, 2016

The 2016 trip was a success, and we’re planning for 2017. The audacious goal is to ramp up the ACLS training to cover more of the country and to develop more of a Nepali-based network for sustainability purposes.

CCNEPal is a project that taught critical care skills to nurses and doctors in Nepal since 2011. In Kathmandu Valley, 800 people had taken this training prior to the earthquake of 2015, and an additional 1,000 or so in the rest of Nepal. Amidst the tragedy there is solemn pride that CCNEPal positioned so many Nepali professionals with this training. CCNEPal didn’t do anything the day of the quake. We did everything for three years prior to the quake, and the dedicated Nepali professionals put it into use.

Since then we have trained more, and the grand total is 2,885 in 90 sessions. Yes, we do the same thing over and over.

We Travel outside Kathmandu Valley

CCNEPal has always taken pride in the Road Trips. The Road Trips are sometimes grueling but always fun. CCNEPal was on a Road Trip when the earthquake shook loose. The entire 2016 trip was one long road trip.

We are looking for specific volunteers

If you are certified as an ACLS Instructor, or PALS Instructor, or you can do Sim Man, think of volunteering. CCNEPal’s course is NOT an Official American Heart Association course, but I can put you touch with the Center for Medical Simulation, Nepal’s only Training Center, and CCNEPal can also work with you.

I have a wide circle of contacts in Nepal, and people ask me all the time “do you know anybody who……” – so if you are midwife, or maybe a psyche nurse, give me a call.

If you wish to volunteer, there is actually no hurry. No reason to jump on a plane unless you have specialized skills. This allows you to study, plan and prepare. Nepal is not an “easy country” for most western medical volunteers to go to, not for their first time. Read the below.

I formerly titled this “volunteer in Nepal for 2015” but let’s face it: my specific project is built around the idea that Nepali nurses can teach themselves with a little nudge, and I just don’t have a need for other people to join me.  And it’s too late for CCNEPal anyway.


Be advised, I formerly gave a shout out to Nurse-Teach-Reach. They are based in Sydney, Australia. They were making a number of trip here each year, but since the petrol blockade of fall 2015, they suspended their activities. This group brings nurses to work in ICU, ER, and oncology nursing. The leader, Lucy Rowe, is a nurse. Let’s hope that they resume.

27 Responses to Nurses – volunteer in Nepal -how to use your skills!

  1. ashmeeta katwal says:

    Can the nurses of Nepal also can apply for this volunteering??

  2. ganga says:

    how i can apply for dis volunteer nurse??

  3. sarmila subedi says:

    when does the program starts?I am a nepali citizen and I have recently completed B.Sc nursing from MIRANDA COLLEGE OF NURSING, what shall i do for the further process?

  4. Pokhara RN says:

    I see you are working in critical care area in Nepal but have you thought about raising awareness in preventive care and infection control? Nepal still have diseases like Typhoid and dysentery. One of my biggest concern is basic things like needle safety and need standard precaution while taking care of patients. How do you go by contacting local nursing schools or hospitals when doing classes? Do you partner with different NGOs?

    • I agree with you as to the importance of those things. Many others are working on those. I have particular expertise in the specific area I teach – few others teach it in Nepal.

      I have a Nepal RN license which legally allows me to teach, according To N.N.C. I schedule the courses using a variety of approaches. If somebody will host me, I goo there. Very simple.

  5. i recently pass pcl nursing,can i apply there n if yes wats the process are

  6. sandhya says:

    i finished my bsc nursing from bangalore..what should i do to apply for this job?

  7. binita dhakal says:

    i want to do volunteers work for caring patient which are inneeded of health.I am able to do work as a care provider please .

  8. Luke says:

    I grew up in Nepal as a missionary kid and I am currently in medical school. This summer I was able to go back after the earthquake and help out a little. I want to write something for my school Student medical journal. I am trying to find anything about the current situation of the people affected from the earthquake from a health perspective. For example how the monsoon was for the homeless and any health problems arising from it, or what threats the upcoming winter poses for them.

    • Please feel free to browse this blog. To be perfectly honest, the communal violence situation in the Terai has consumed everyone’s attention and the earthquake victims are not getting a lot of press. Go to FaceBook and put your query there. The people at UMN Tansen are likely to help you… best wishes and best of luck!

  9. says:

    i recently completed PCL nursing from UMN tansen . i have been willing to have various experience with other nurses too. i would like to travel to various places and practice my practice my nursing skills in various areas . can you guide me ???

    • best wishes for your career. I do not use this blog to dispense specific advice to individual nurses or nursing students. ask your friends, family, mentors, and other persons you respect, for advice of that nature. Best wishes!

  10. Amrita Shrestha says:

    im interested to join CCNEPal 2015

  11. Ashish says:

    When is the next Training on Critical Care Happening in Kathmandu ?

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